2023-11-23 14:41:48
Seven Principles that Exhibition Decoration Must Follow
Exhibition is an important occasion for enterprises to showcase their products and image, and the design and decoration of exhibition booths have a crucial impact on the overall display effect. To stand out from the crowd, here are seven principles that exhibition decoration must follow.
Principle 1: Clear theme
Exhibition decoration must have a clear theme that is close to the corporate image and products. The theme of the booth should highlight the corporate culture and brand characteristics, so that people can recognize which company it is at a glance.
Principle 2: Reasonable spatial layout
The utilization of booth space has a significant impact on the effectiveness of the booth. The space of the booth should be divided according to specific areas, and different areas should have different display content and effects. Accurately grasping the key to spatial utilization in diversified display forms to achieve the effect of expanding the effective area.
Principle 3: Novel display form
Exhibition decoration also needs to focus on display forms to make the audience remember your booth. Interactive displays, VR holographic projection, interactive games, and other methods can be used to attract the audience's attention.
Principle 4: Color matching and coordination
The color scheme of the booth should match the company's brand image and be attractive. Inconsistent colors can cause eye fatigue and affect the overall effect of the exhibition booth.
Principle 5: Display exhibits with a sense of hierarchy
The placement of exhibits should have a sense of hierarchy, attracting the audience's visual experience through layered placement, displaying more product information, and avoiding excessive clutter that affects the audience's experience.
Principle 6: Excellent lighting effect
The lighting effect has an important impact on the overall effect of the booth. Efforts should be made in the design of the lighting scheme, and display items should use different lighting methods based on the theme and booth function, in order to achieve the best lighting effect.
Principle 7: Complete promotional materials
The preparation of promotional materials should be sufficient, and the supporting materials for booth production should be detailed, including product introductions, enterprise profiles, booth renderings, etc., so that visitors can understand the information of the enterprise and facilitate their understanding and selection of products.
The above are the seven principles that exhibition decoration must follow. Only by following these principles can we create an eye-catching, eye-catching, and unforgettable booth.